Solo Travel Photo Tips Sure, it’s always easier to get photos of yourself on trips when you’re traveling with other people. But just because you’re traveling by yourself, that doesn’t mean you have to go home with a camera roll full of photos without you in them. While I, personally, prefer to stay behind the lens during my travels, I have picked up some handy tips and tricks to capture great photos of myself along the way – even if they tend to be of my back!


So, what are our solo travel photo tips?

  1. Use a tripod
  2. Make use of your surroundings
  3. Ask others to take your photo


1. Use a Tripod

Tripods are my go-to for taking solo self portraits. Not only do tripods keep your camera steady allowing for a guaranteed crisp image, they also give you the freedom to pose however you’d like! Paired with either a remote shutter (which allows you to snap the photo without physically clicking the shutter button) or a self-timer, you’ll have the flexibility needed to set up your picture exactly how you’d like and take multiple photos until you get that insta-worthy shot.


2. No tripod? No problem! Make use of your surroundings

If you don’t have a tripod on hand, you can always use any nearby steady surface to prop your camera on. This could be on a rock, a short ledge, or leaned up against your backpack – you name it. Anything can be a makeshift tripod if you set your mind to it. Turn on your self-timer and get ready to pose!

Disclaimer: Always make sure you’ve set your camera on something steady! If you’re not careful, your camera could fall and you risk damaging or breaking your gear.


3. Don’t be afraid to ask others to take your photo

If you’re not comfortable using a tripod or propping your camera up somewhere, you can always ask a nearby person to take your photo. People are more willing to help out than you’d think!

Typically, what I do in this scenario is I’ll take an example photo of how I’d like the shot to be framed and show it to the person for reference. This way, they’ll know exactly what you’re looking for.

Now for the fun part – editing!

Now that you know how to take better solo travel photos, it’s time to edit! Whether you’re looking for an aesthetic that’s bright and clean or dark and moody, we’ve got something for you.

Check out our high-quality and easy-to-use Lightroom presets that’ll transform your photos in just one click. All you need is your phone and the FREE Lightroom mobile app. Our presets are also compatible with the paid desktop version as well. Plus, every preset collection comes with a step-by-step instructions guide that details (with screenshots) how to download and install your preset files so, even if you’re a newbie to all things photography and editing, you’ll be feeling like a pro in no time. 

Journey through our lens.
All wanderers welcome.


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