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Lightroom Presets

What are Lightroom presets? What are the benefits of using Lightroom presets?

Editing your photos in one click using our presets will save you hours of time on post processing and ensure stunning edits on all your photos!

Lightroom presets are one click filters that automatically enhance your photos to create beautiful, cohesive, and polished imagery. While our presets are designed to be one click magic, your photos may not look perfect right away. Since all images are different (ex. shot in different light) you may need to play around and adjust certain settings, such as exposure, contrast, temperature, etc. Check out this blog post for more information.

I’m new to Lightroom/photography, can I still use your presets? What comes with each preset collection?

Absolutely! In fact, our presets are designed especially to help those with little editing knowledge achieve stunning edits in minutes. Presets work great with travel photos, photos of friends and family, events, etc.

Each individual preset collection comes with 5 presets (DNG and XMP files) along with a step-by-step PDF instructions guide (with screenshots) to show you how to download and install the presets.

NOTE: Our desktop presets are in .XMP format. Adobe Lightroom created an update in April 2018 and switched from .lrtemplate to .xmp file formats. To avoid any compatibility issues, it is highly recommended to be using the latest version of Lightroom if you aren’t already! However, if you are using a previous version of Lightroom Classic, you can add the DNG files to Lightroom and save them as presets as well.

What if the mobile files show up as blank images on my phone?

That is perfectly normal! They will show up as a blank, white, or black “photo” in your mobile device’s camera roll. Once you open the Lightroom app and import the presets into a folder, you will see the actual preset.

NOTE: These files are cover photos created with the preset settings embedded into them.

Do I need to shoot in RAW?

Shooting in RAW is recommended when using our desktop presets as it gives you access to all of the data within the photo. With that said, our presets (especially the mobile ones) will still work on all JPEG images, which includes iPhone and Android photos.

What if the desktop files say “Unsupported File”?

That is completely normal! The files are fully functional and will work once you import them into Lightroom. Dropbox and your computer don’t have the same functionalities as Lightroom so they can’t access their settings in the same way, hence the message “Unsupported File”.

Do I need to purchase Adobe software? What’s the difference between desktop and mobile presets?

Mobile – The Lightroom mobile app is FREE for all users!

Mobile presets (.DNG files) are designed for use on the FREE Lightroom app for mobile and work well with JPEG images, such as iPhone and Android photos. They are designed to be used as filters for those who want to edit quickly on their phones. Mobile presets do not work on desktop.

Desktop – Yes, you will need to purchase a subscription for the Lightroom Classic app. You can purchase the monthly photography plan from Adobe.

Desktop presets (.XMP) are for use with your computer with the Adobe Lightroom Classic program. They are compatible with Desktop Lightroom Classic v7.3 (2018) and newer. While desktop presets are compatible with all image types, they are primarily designed for RAW images taken on DSLR cameras and cannot be used on a mobile phone.

Is there any way I can save the mobile presets in bulk?

Unfortunately, at this time, there is no way to save mobile presets in bulk. You will need to manually save each one.

Do these work on Android?

Yes, they do!

Can I use these presets to edit my videos?

If you are part of Lightroom mobile’s monthly membership, please note that our photo presets will work as a video preset. However, if you don’t want to pay monthly, click here to shop our video presets for a one time purchase to use on a FREE video editing app called VN (available for iPhone and Android).

Video Filters

What are video filters (LUTS)?

Video filters, or LUTs, are similar to photo presets. They are files with pre-saved settings that you can import into an editing program and apply to your videos to give them a certain aesthetic.

What mobile apps can I use your video filters on?

We recommend using our video filters on the FREE VN Video App for iPhone and Android.

Are your video filters desktop compatible?

While we provide .CUBE files, which can be used on desktop editing apps, such as Premier Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve, or Any Other Editing Software that Accepts .CUBE LUT Files, our video filters are optimized filters for mobile videos. The effects may differ on video footage from DSLR/Mirrorless cameras. We do not include an installation guide for desktop use.

Will the filters work with just one click?

While our filters are designed to be used in just one click, you’ll sometimes need to make slight adjustments. This is because every video is different (shot with lighting, camera settings, etc) so not every filter will work perfectly on every single video. You may need to do some slight adjustments after applying the filter to get the right look. But don’t worry – we provide tips on how to do this in our instructions guide which is included in your purchase!


What do I receive with my purchase?

You will receive a PDF file that contains an embedded link which will take you to where your files are stored in Dropbox. You do not need to have a Dropbox account. If you are accessing the files from your mobile device, you can simply click “Continue to Website” when the pop up menu appears and you will see your files. If you have any trouble with the link or with Dropbox, please don’t hesitate to reach out; we’ll be happy to either send you the link directly, email you the files, or provide you with a Google Drive link if you prefer. Please provide your order number when inquiring.

Can I get a refund?

Per our Terms and Conditions, which you agreed to at checkout, we do not process cancellations or refunds on any of our digital products.

What currency do you use?

Everything in our shop is priced using USD. If you are purchasing from a different country, your bank will convert the USD into your currency.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out through our Contact page! All inquiries are responded to within 24 hours. Please refrain from emailing directly as emails can often end up in our spam folder, resulting in delays in our response.

Still have questions?

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re always happy to help!

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