Unexpected Ways to Take iPhone Photos

1. Shoot Live  Photos

Have you ever taken a group photo where everyone looks great but that one person has their eyes closed? If you have your Live mode turned on – don’t fret! When you take a photo in Live mode, you’ve actually taken 45 separate frames ranging from 1.5 seconds before and after you click the shutter.

Once you’ve taken your photo, click on “Edit” followed by the “Live Photo” icon to the bottom left of your screen. You will see all of the photo frames from before and after you clicked the shutter, allowing you to choose which photo frame (where everyone’s eyes are open!) that you’d like to set as your “Key Photo.”



2. Record Videos + Capture Photos at the Same Time

You heard that right! While recording your video, tap on the white circle to the bottom left of your screen. Clicking this button will allow you to take photos while you film. Once you’re done recording, both your video and your images will be saved to your camera roll!




3. Burst Mode

Have you ever wanted to seamlessly capture the perfect action shot? Press and hold down the shutter button on your iPhone to take a burst of photos. In your camera roll, you’ll see what appears to be just photo, however the “select” feature will allow you to scroll through all of the photos taken and choose your favorite.



Now that you know how to take better photos using your iPhone, it’s time for the fun part – editing! Whether you’re looking for an aesthetic that’s bright and clean or dark and moody, we’ve got something for you.

Check out our high-quality and easy-to-use Lightroom presets that’ll transform your photos in just one click. All you need is your phone (check!) and the FREE Lightroom mobile app. Every preset collection comes with a step-by-step instructions guide that details (with screenshots) how to download and install your preset files so, even if you’re a newbie to all things photography and editing, you’ll be feeling like a pro in no time. 

All images edited using the Yosemite collection.

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