Photo editing trends are constantly changing, so we’re here to help you stay up-to-date. These are the 5 popular social media photo editing trends that have picked up steam in 2022 and will likely continue in 2023. 

So, without further ado, these are the top 2023 photo editing trends you don’t want to miss.

The Natural Edit

Long gone are the days of overly edited photos. The natural edit is all the rage right now as people on social media are craving authenticity. With minimal tweaks to a photo, these subtle enhancements will look like you barely touched the photo, allowing you to share a more true and authentic representation of yourself. This minimalistic trend is a testament to the rise of authentic content that both communities and brands are looking for. 

To achieve this look, pair your photos with our Natural Collection.

The No Edit” Edit

Similar to the natural edit, the “no edit” edit is just as in style. More popularly known as the “clean girl” or “that girl” aesthetic, this editing style is neutral, subtle, and minimalistic. It’s perfect for those who want to post authentic content, while still adding an aesthetic touch.

Be the go-to on people’s Pinterest boards with our No Filter Collection.

The Dark Academia Aesthetic

Dark academia is the bridge between smarts and style, often bringing to mind images of study halls, libraries, preppy clothes, and gothic-style architecture. It’s full of romanticism and rich moody tones. Think: coffee stained books and strolls through Oxford, England. It’s a growing popular editing style for those looking to romanticize their life.

Add a smart look to your photos with the Decaf Collection.

The Toned Down Look

Are you looking to evoke a sense of mystery and luxury with your content? This coveted dark aesthetic has been a staple amongst luxury influencers and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Tone down your feed and add an expensive-looking touch to your imagery that emphasizes the small, minimalistic details in your photos.

Chic meets sultry; the Muted Collection dims image brightness in all the right places

Retro Nostalgia

With the rise in 1990s nostalgia, old technology, and vintage cameras, it’s no wonder that retro-inspired aesthetics are popping up everywhere. Heavy grain textures paired with desaturated colors will work on any photo to add a touch of sentimentality and achieve an edit reminiscent of old film prints.

Take your photos back to the 20th Century with our Nostalgia Collection.


Now that you’ve got the insider scoop on the 2023 photo editing trends you don’t want to miss, it’s time to get editing! Our presets can be used on the FREE Lightroom mobile app as well as the paid desktop version.

Hero image edited with the Natural Collection.

Journey through our lens.
All wanderers welcome.


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