It’s Time to Elevate Your Video Content

If you haven’t heard, video is the latest trending medium and it’s here to stay a while. And if you’ve been having a hard time finding the right filters to make your Reels and TikTok videos match your aesthetic, let alone match your photo edits, that’s where our video filters come in. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how you can edit your videos in the VN app.

The best part? All you need is your phone and the FREE VN app.

Edit Your Videos in the VN App

Here’s How to Edit Your Videos in the FREE VN App with Our Filters

While we include a detailed step-by-step instructions guide (with screenshots!) with your purchase, if you’re new to video editing and/or the VN app, you might be wondering what the process actually entails.

So, here’s a quick overview:

One: Download our mobile video filters

Two: Upload them to the FREE VN app

Three: Import videos from your camera roll

Four: Add the filter of your choice to your videos (all it takes is one click!)

Five: Export the edited video

It’s that easy!

After you’ve applied the filter to your video, you can choose to make any additional adjustments to the edit, just like you would in Lightroom with preset edits. You can adjust the exposure, contrast, temperature, saturation, etc.

Edit your videos in the VN app with our filters today and you’ll get:

Consistency: We knew you were looking for consistency across your photo and video content but couldn’t find filters that did both – here you go!

Efficiency: We know for a lot of you time is money and so creating video filters that help you be more efficient was key to your creation process.

Easy to Use: No experience? No problem! We’ve made our filters so easy to use, your dog could probably do it! If you’re new to learning, filters are a great way to start.

Why settle for average content when yours can look this aesthetically pleasing? 

Edit Your Videos in the VN App

You can use our mobile video filters on the FREE VN App on iOS and Android.

Journey through our lens.
All wanderers welcome.


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